Web Design for Dublin firms

by kw_admin 27. January 2010 10:26

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Driving Lessons Cork

by kw_admin 21. January 2010 15:49

Find your local driving instructors in Cork.

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Get an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) from Cork.

Win free driving lessons for the cork area.

Setup a cheap franchise in Ireland

by KW_Admin 21. January 2010 14:10

With many looking to start up a new business in  2010 we have a cheap solution for anyone looking to get into the courier or transport industry.

Although the industry is very competitive you can get up and running in no time with the Freightistics system.

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New site up and running

by KW_Admin 23. December 2009 13:11

RoadReady are proud to announce a new service to all RoadReady users.

We have setup www.adidrivinglessons.com as an  facility to generate increased business for our registrants.

Users with larger zone area counts (that pay for more than 3 zones e.g. 6,9,12,15,18) will feature more prominently on the new website.

We know our  users will be happy to have an additional platform from which to advertise and at no extra cost.

So now all users get listed on 2 websites.

Happy Xmas from the RoadReady Team

Cheap Websites

by KW_Admin 16. December 2009 20:42

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Website for under 500 euro!

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Cork Web Design

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Rent to Buy Ireland

by KW_Admin 8. December 2009 16:48

The new Rent To Buy schemes that are popping up all over Ireland seem the way to go these days.

Apparently, you can save thousands and avoid having to save up a deposit.

The guys over at http://www.purplepig.ie know all there is to know on the subject and they will help you make the right decision.
They have Rent To Buy locations in many parts of Ireland. A new batch of developments will be coming on board soon for the Dublin area.


For prospective home buyers it does seem the right choice. I would definitely prefer the security of not having to save a deposit and pay rent when they can be combined into one!


Low Cost SEO Marketing Service

by KW_Admin 15. November 2009 13:25

We would like to thank www.SEO-General.com for continued help they are providing in our SEO campaigns.

They helped us get better listings with www.Google.com , www.Yahoo.com and www.Bing.com  

Within only a few months we jumped up the indexes of all 3 search engines.

We can highly recommend them and we are delighted with the results!

Kelticweb Team.

Web Design Portfolio

by KW_Admin 6. October 2009 08:48

We provide clean functional designs that are SEO friendly and work together with the client to ensure their ideas are implemented within the site.

As well as standard static sites we also build CMS systems and database driven business sites. Our most recent project is RoadReady.ie, a site for customers to search for driving lessons for all vehicle types.

Some Examples:

Writers' Stories
SLS Logistics
Kildare Tiler
D24 School of motoring

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New HGV and Coach Driving Lessons website

by KW_Admin 25. September 2009 11:31

RoadReady (www.roadready.ie) have just lauched the new service of search listings for HGV / Coach Driving lessons instructors.

The areas are limited so first come first served. Only 5 companies will be listed in any one zone.

The website will also be launching Driver CPC training next month.

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