Kelticweb Solutions
Web Design in Dublin and Ireland

Did you know?

Multi-million euro businesses are depending upon our systems and products each day.

Our ASP approach can reduce your costs versus dedicated hardware and software deployment.

ASPs are updated centrally, so generally no call-outs are required and downtime is dealt with immediately.

About Us

Since 2004 we have been developing value-added system solutions for web-based and server based deployment. After completing some core system tools we are now concentrating on bringing our skills to other businesses. We specialise in ASP (Application Service Provider) systems as well as dedicated and stand-alone systems.

Mission Statement

"To provide user-friendly, innovative products to our clients in a timely manner."

Core Expertise

WEB Design & SYSTEMS Development jigsaw

Developing and integrating web applications based around VB, VB.NET, C#, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, SQL, MySQL and Javacript technologies. As well as the hard coding aspect we also employ other methodologies to ensure that your needs are met.

Quality of service is guaranteed and we will ensure that we attach realistic timeframes to your project.

Project Managementgannt

Where required we will project manage your system requirements to ensure that timelines do not overrun. Initial project plan draft, tracked progress, change management, slippages, risk assessment, risk management, milestone deliverables.

Project management is important in todays software industry. Change management is fundemental in producing software to meet the customer's needs.

SYSTEM Process Design & Re-Engineering

Utilising many system design techniques to facilitate the design process. Database Entity Relationship Diagrams, Data Normalisation, Automated Process Identification, Process Flows, SIPOC Diagrams, Theory of Contraints (bottlenecking), Mistake Proofing.

Six Sigmavariation

Use of six sigma improvement techiques to reduce costs and provide data driven knowledge. This approach will apply to the design and opertion of the systems developed by us.